Sustainable Exploration & Development

Macusani Yellowcake is committed to balancing investor loyalty with responsible exploration and development practices.

Social Responsibility

The company aims at complying with the UN Global Impact and the ICMM (International Council on Mining and Metals) principles and policies. The company sees ethical behavior, integrity and adherence to Corporate Social Responsibility ('CSR') principles as a necessary condition and leverage to create value and develop sustainable business for all its stakeholders, shareholders, employees, business partners and the community at large.

Our core principles related to sustainable development include:


  • We integrate sustainable development considerations within our corporate governance practice and local decision making process
  • We implement a management system focused on continual improvement to review, prevent, mitigate or ameliorate adverse impact of our operations
  • We comply with the requirements of host-country laws and regulations


  • We provide information that is timely, accurate and relevant
  • We engage with and respond to stakeholders through open consultation processes
  • We demand transparency in all transactions with stakeholders

Stakeholder interest:

  • We have a constructive engagement with our stakeholders, we consult in the identification, assessment and management of all significant social, health, safety, environmental and economic impact associated with our activities and aim at finding win-win solutions
  • We inform potentially affected parties and authorities of significant risks from mining operations and of the measures that will be taken to manage the potential risks effectively


  • We implement good practice and innovate to improve social, environmental and economic performance while enhancing shareholder value
  • We have Zero-tolerance for bribery and corruption
  • We seek to contribute to sustainable development within national development strategies

Environmental Stewardship

Macusani Yellowcake firmly believes that minimizing the environmental impacts of its activities and building cooperative working relationships with local communities is not only a good business practice, it is essential for the long-term operation of the company and ultimately a necessity to achieve the best possible outcome for shareholders.

The Company adheres to the E3 Environmental Excellence in Exploration guidelines, which was developed by the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada and is considered to be the guiding standard for environmental protection in the mineral exploration business.

Workplace Health and Safety

Macusani Yellowcake has been proactive in developing good practices related to a safe and healthy workplace for employees, contractors, subcontractors, and local populations. The company is committed to continuously looking for opportunites to minimize risks with the aim of preventing accidents and occupational related illnesses.